[Samba] Cannot join domain with samba-3.6.4

Alex Still alex.ranskis at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 10:36:38 MDT 2012


We've been using samba for a while, up to version 3.4.x, without issues.

We're having trouble joining an AD domain with 3.6.4

OS is Solaris 10 x64
Kerberos : MIT krb5 1.10.1
DC serveurs are running Windows 2008

The error message is :
./net ads join -U aranskis
Enter aranskis's password:
Failed to join domain: failed to lookup DC info for domain 'FOO.NET'
over rpc: Logon failure
ADS join did not work, falling back to RPC...
Unable to find a suitable server for domain FOO
Unable to find a suitable server for domain FOO

I have tried to run the same command with "-d 10", but it dumps core
before completing :
=>[1] strlen(0x0), at 0xfe8163ec
  [2] _ndoprnt(0x86ff35d, 0x80466b8, 0x80465a0, 0x0), at 0xfe8717a2
  [3] vsnprintf(0x80465e0, 0x80, 0x86ff354, 0x80466b8), at 0xfe874963
  [4] vasprintf(0x804668c, 0x86ff354, 0x80466b8, 0x833e855), at 0xfe870d70
  [5] ndr_print_debug_helper(0x87e0ad8, 0x86ff354, 0x86be864, 0x0), at 0x833e876
  [6] ndr_print_ipv4address(0x87e0ad8, 0x86be864, 0x0, 0x82386a9), at 0x833d452
  [7] ndr_print_nbt_sockaddr(0x87e0ad8, 0x86be334, 0x80469ac), at 0x82386fc
  [8] ndr_print_NETLOGON_SAM_LOGON_RESPONSE_EX(0x87e0ad8, 0x86bd884),
at 0x823a2cb
  [9] ndr_print_debug(0x823a124, 0x86bd884, 0x804696c, 0x5), at 0x833eabc
  [10] pull_netlogon_samlogon_response(0x87e1388, 0x87d8d78,
0x8046968, 0x825e0d0), at 0x823259c
  [11] cldap_netlogon_recv(0x87d8e10, 0x87d8d78), at 0x825e169
  [12] cldap_netlogon(0x87d8c68, 0x87d8d78, 0x8046940, 0x825c370), at 0x825e22b
  [13] ads_cldap_netlogon(0x87d8b90, 0x87d8bc8, 0x87d4b38, 0x6,
0x8046a7c, 0x87841fc, 0x8046a94, 0x825c75b), at 0x825c53f
  [14] ads_cldap_netlogon_5(0x87d8b90, 0x87d8bc8, 0x87d4b38,
0x8046be0), at 0x825c780
  [15] ads_try_connect(0x87d81d0, 0x8046e90, 0x0, 0x85e5900), at 0x8551ca9
  [16] ads_find_dc(0x87d81d0, 0x0, 0x154, 0x8552a08), at 0x85522f1
  [17] ads_connect(0x8047100, 0x87d81d0, 0x8047158), at 0x8552b22
  [18] ads_startup_int(0x8047180, 0x87d39c0, 0x0, 0x2, 0x80471cc, 0x0,
0xfe9a0638), at 0x80dcbe4
  [19] ads_startup_nobind(0x8047210, 0x87d39c0, 0x0), at 0x80dce1e
  [20] net_ads_info(0x87d39c0, 0x0, 0x87d566c, 0x8115751), at 0x80dc4b0
  [21] net_run_function(0x87d39c0, 0x1, 0x87d5668, 0x85e91fc,
0x8047340, 0x8047340, 0x87b4e58, 0x190), at 0x81157b9
  [22] net_ads(0x87d39c0, 0x1, 0x87d5668, 0x8115751), at 0x80e2d71
  [23] net_run_function(0x87d39c0, 0x2, 0x87d5664, 0x85e73e0,
0x87b4ad0, 0x87d71d8, 0x8047a88, 0x80dbb95), at 0x81157b9
  [24] main(0x6, 0x8047ac0, 0x8047adc, 0xfeffa910), at 0x80dbc44

Anyway, it goes far enough before crashing so I can see that :
it finds the correct sitename
gets the correct DC list

Then it crashes here (only with -d 10) :
ads_try_connect: sending CLDAP request to (realm: CIB.NET)
     &response->data.nt5_ex: .......

Any hints on the best way to try and figure out what is wrong when
trying to register in the AD ?


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