[Samba] Destination share larger than windows source

Mike Kelly mike at piratehaven.org
Tue Apr 17 16:41:59 MDT 2012


I'm running Samba 3.6.3 on Ubuntu 12.04 (beta).  Like many before me,
I'm trying to migrate data from a Windows file server.

I copied over a share as a test and was a bit surprised when the amount
of space allocated in the file system was over 100GB larger than the
Windows source.  I am running on ext4 with "strict allocate = yes"
because I want to be sure that when I turn on quotas, or my users fill
up the file system, that they get the same error experience which they
would get under windows.  Or, put another way, software expecting
windows allocate-on-open semantics will get what they expect.

Now, if I were copying from a Unix file system I'd expect to blame this
on sparse files or hard links.  However I'm under the impression that
both of these are exceedingly rare under Windows.  Furthermore, I would
expect the Properties dialog box to show useful numbers for "Size" and
"Size on disk".  By "useful" I mean that if I were copying data to
another disk of size X, I would expect my data to fit on that disk so
long as these numbers are less than X.

I'm using robocopy from the windows file server to copy the files.

According to Windows there are 116,000 files and 2800 folders, and I get
exactly the same values in Unix when running "find /share -type f | wc -l"
and "find /share -type d | wc -l", except that the latter is larger by
one, which I assume is because windows doesn't count the share folder
itself and find does.  I would expect these numbers to be different if I
was being bitten by some weird windows folder junction point.

Windows share folder size: 353GB
Samba share folder size: 470GB

Can anyone explain this behavior?


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