[Samba] Disable the Windows default user when connecting to a share (if possible)

danny.petterson at accenture.com danny.petterson at accenture.com
Tue Apr 17 08:36:57 MDT 2012

Hi Gurus!

Default, when a Windows-client tries to connect to a Samba-share, it sends the user-credentials used on the PC/Windows-client itself - is it possible to disable these defaults in smb.conf, making it possible for the client to always use other credentials than those used on the Windows-client?

If the above doesn't make sense, let me clarify with an example:

On my Windows-PC Im logged on as "Danny" - when I try to reach a Samba-share, as a default it tries with the user "Danny" before using/asking for other credentials. I would like to disable this default behavior.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings from

Danny Petterson
"Shadows and Dust"

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