[Samba] Problems accessing Windows shares 3.5.8 vs 3.6.3

Christopher Davis giarmdok at usa.net
Mon Apr 16 07:18:47 MDT 2012

I am trying to get Samba up and working on Solaris 10.

I have a seperate discussion going on about my problems getting Samba 358 on
Solaris 10 to authenticate to a Windows 2008R2 domain (See XXXX)

As a different solution I have downloaded the source code for 3.6.3 and
compiled it  The provlem I am having is it won't work with my Windows machines
at all

i.e.  Using the 3.5.8 binary I can do a smbclient -L dc1 -U bob and it will
return the list of shares.  Using the 3.6.3 binary with the same config file I

It was compile with the following options:

./configure --prefix=/samba.test --with-automount --with-ldap=/usr/local
--with-quotas --with-sys-quotas --with-acl-support --with-aio-support
--with-pam --includedir=/usr/local/include --with-libiconv=/usr/local
--with-readline=/usr/local --with-winbind --with-pam_smbpass
--with-krb5=/usr/local --with-ads --disable-krb5developer

Most of the pre-reqs came from the sunfreeware site except for libintl
(gettext) which I downloaded and compiled as the one from sunfreeware would
not link correctly.

I have also followed the notes I found somewhere that had me change the

1: search for -lthread and add -lintl after it for every instance
2: search for -Wl,-z,defs and remove them all

This allows me to successfully compile Samba  However - no windows client (or
for that matter no other version of samba I have) can talk to these samba
serversris  ONLY the smbclient from 3.6.3 will work

Any ideas why this is the case?
What else can I send along to help?


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