[Samba] UID/GID mapping consistency across at least two Linux machines

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Wed Apr 11 13:30:27 MDT 2012

On 11/04/12 15:00, John Drescher wrote:
>> I also only use ldap the same way without any winbind.
> For years I used to do that however my domain member servers (not PDCs
> / BDCs) would not enumerate the users correctly for the windows
> security tab without using winbind. Does this work for you?
> John

Yes. Even in s3 (we are using 3.6 setup under openSUSE)

In Samba4 there was a bug in the schema mapping for rfc2307. Now it's fixed,

Why not store the user uid/gid in the directory alongside their sid 
stuff? The m$ schema has it bolted in.


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