[Samba] sambaHomePath usage

Camelia Botez camelia.botez at weizmann.ac.il
Wed Apr 4 01:38:59 MDT 2012

My name is Camelia Botez and I'm linux system admin.
I try to configure samba server usind ldap authentication and different sambaHomePath from login home directory.
For ex. A user user_test has his home (login) directory /home/user_test and I want , using samba map on windows to have /srv/user_test home directory for this user.
We included in ldap schema 2 attributes sambaHomeDrive (H: )
And sambaHomePath  that for a test user is /srv/user_test instead of /home/user_test.
In ldap the value of the sambHomePath is \\server_name\srv\user_test<file:///\\server_name\srv\user_test>  and in smb.conf I use in [homes] paragraph path = %H valid user = %S.
When I map this user on windows I go into his login home directory , so there is no influence of sambaHomePath.
How can we split these 2 "home" directories , one on login and second on samba?

Thank you

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