[Samba] difefrent logon and samba logon home directories

Camelia Botez camelia.botez at weizmann.ac.il
Wed Apr 4 02:56:18 MDT 2012

I'm running samba3 configured to with ldap authentication.
I added in ldap 2 more attributes sambaHomeDrive and sambaHomePath.
Now for user test :

Home is /home/test and
sambaHomeDrive is H:
sambaHoemPath is \\smbserver\srv\test<file:///\\smbserver\srv\test>.

In smb.conf we use:

Logon home = \\%H\%U<file:///\\%25H\%25U>
Logon path = \\%H\%U<file:///\\%25H\%25U>
  And in

[homes] paragraph we use
Path = %H
Valid user = %U

But when we login via samba using this test user , it goes to his /home/test directory and not to \\server\srv\test<file:///\\server\srv\test> (samba home).
How can I configure samba to use as home directory another uer's directory different from his default home directory.

Thank you

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