[Samba] Samba LDAP Failover

Massimiliano Perantoni massimiliano at perantoni.net
Sun Apr 1 23:43:25 MDT 2012


> the distribution is a Debian 6 but I compiled samba myself against a self
> compiled openldap 2.4.26.

Actually the only difference is the openldap client libraries version,
I do use 2.3 instead of 2.4, but using getent, as I stated before,

If I do getent passwd I get, with the failure, the immediate list of
local users and, after a timeout, I get the users list from the
secondary LDAP.
I guess that nscd is working or, at least, the service is up and
running: never understood how does the system decide to use it or
For what I know if I disable the service nothing changes, so that I do
not know if nscd is working or not...
If I stop the LDAP I get the failover with getent, but I have to wait
for the timeout set in ldap.conf.

> The passdb backend line doesn't look different
> than yours (except the server names of course ;-)). You are not running nscd
> by chance ? If so does getent passwd work with a simulated ldap1 failure
> (via iptables) and nscd shut down ?

I get a timeout seconds (actualy 5 secs) delay... Then the answer,
while samba waits for the timeout set in smb.conf then fails.

Ciao a grazie!

> Am 01.04.2012 23:47, schrieb Massimiliano Perantoni:
>> Hi,
>> could you send me the setup?
>> Which lines did you add?
>> Whici distro do you run?
>> Thanks!
>> Il 31 marzo 2012 22:11, Stephan<steffo76 at gmx.de>  ha scritto:
>>> Am 31.03.2012 20:56, schrieb Steve Thompson:
>>>> On Sat, 31 Mar 2012, Massimiliano Perantoni wrote:
>>>>> Well, did not try, but guess it happens the same.
>>>>> Just for completeness, which version of samba did you use for ldap
>>>>> failover?
>>>> I was using 3.0.33 at the time, on CentOS 5 x86_64. Not sure which
>>>> revision of CentOS; it was a while ago.
>>>> Steve
>>> My samba 3.5.9 DCs are pointed at a bunch of LDAP servers as well. I just
>>> tried (shut down the first LDAP server in the list) and it works as
>>> expected.
>>> Regards
>>> Stephan
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Massimiliano Perantoni
tw: maxper75

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