[Samba] Log: param/loadparm.c:widelinks_warning(4722)

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Tue Sep 27 12:01:44 MDT 2011

On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 02:51:52PM -0300, Walmiro Muzzi wrote:
> Good afternoon.
> Today, after a printer is, all machines on the network accused "spooler is
> not running."
> With the printer removed, all other work once again.
> Now, some users are complaining that some files are not opening.
> I have checked the log of samba, and is continuing with this message:
> "9/27/2011 14:43:12, 0] param / loadparm.c: widelinks_warning (4722)
>    Share 'IPC $' has wide links and unix extensions enabled. These
> parameters are incompatible. Wide links will be disabled for this share. "
> What do I do to solve this problem?
> Nothing has changed on the server since 2007.

This was a security change to prevent users from
following symlinks outside the share area. Add
"wide links = no" to the [global] section of
your smb.conf file.

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