[Samba] WINS Server TIme out registering IP

steffo76 at gmx.de steffo76 at gmx.de
Tue Sep 27 07:26:16 MDT 2011

Has anyone ever figured this out ? I have the same problem- as soon as I put the log level to 2 or higher, I get the following:

wins_registration_timeout: WINS server timed out registering IP

I looked into it and see packets being sent from to but I dont't see a reply which is probably why the log message appears (in  nmbd_nameregister.c it says:
        * If we are registering unicast, then NOT getting a response is an
         * error - we do not have the name. If we are registering broadcast,
         * then we don't expect to get a response.)

I checked reachability of ports 137 and 138 udp using nc and they are both reachable.

In my smb.conf I have 
wins support = yes 

and _no_ wins server = line.

No firewall, no selinux. 

Samba version is 3.5.9

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