[Samba] Windows7 stalling access to mdb files

Rainer Traut tr.ml at gmx.de
Fri Sep 23 00:37:04 MDT 2011


sys: RHEL5 32bit with samba3x packages or latest Sernet rpms (same problems)
small domain with XP and w7 (64bit) workstations

The main use is an old MS Access based app which shares its mdb file on 
the server.
It works flawlessly with the XP clients though I have not disabled 
OPLOCKs at all, never had any problem with it neither performance nor 
any file corruption.

The problem is with Win7;
the app stalls when opening some tables/views.

I have a testcase when copying all tables from the main db to a new file.
The copying slows down at around 85mb nearly to a standstill. On the XP 
clients the whole 400mb file is copied w/o problem.

Please give me any advice how to debug this or what logfiles I should send.
I don't have smb.conf atm, will reply to this mail as soon as I have.


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