[Samba] windows 7 64 bit xerox print drivers

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We have been able to get Xerox windows 7 64 bit drivers to work with samba.

The printer models we are using are WC 7345, WCP C3545, WC 7435, WC7242, WC 
7545, and WC 7665. Plus, various older models and some Phasers. The first 
group is the problem ones we've seen and took special steps.

We use samba 3.4.9 on fc 12. The above printers work with xp, vista, and win7, 
32 and 64 bits.

We added the drivers using the Windows add printer wizard. There were some 
extra steps we took, however.

1. Add the Xerox printer in cups like normal.
2. On XP add the Xerox printer as a local printer.
3. Use apw to add the XP driver to the Xerox samba printer.
4. Use the Cisco print_fix program to copy the local registry settings for the 
Xerox printer to the remote Samba registry for the Xerox printer.
5. Set the samba printer properties in the usual way.
6. From a Win 7 64 bit platform add the Xerox 64 bit driver to the Xerox samba 
printer using APW.

There is something different about the above group of Xerox printers and the 
registry entries they install. Samba does not seem to support these settings 
or operations, which is why the print_fix program is used and it is able to 
copy over the missing registry settings to samba.

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I would like to respond to my own question ... yes ... one year later :-)

My answer to this problem is * don't use Samba * to solve this type of

Instead I created a ".dat" file (using printui.dll) for each printer I
wanted to install, scripted the creation of an LPR port (
objWMIService.Get("Win32_TCPIPPrinterPort") and install print drivers using
printui.dll. I'm running LPD on the cups server.

Works like a charm. No hassles joining this server to the domain, no wonky
error messages, 500 desktops up and running at login, it just works.

I'm posting this here because I'm genuinely curious if there has been any
large scale success with Samba, Win 7 and Xerox (or other) 64 bit print


On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 5:47 PM, Greg Saunders <greg at taord.com> wrote:

> Samba 3.4.7
> Ubuntu 10.04
> Has anyone out there got Xerox 64 bit drivers working in a point and print
> samba set up? And if so, which Xerox drivers? And which method of driver
> installation?
> I'm at a complete loss. We currently have an environment with 500 +
> desktops and a couple dozen Xerox workgroup docucolor MFPs that are running
> fine now with XP clients and a Samba print server. We're moving to Win 7 64
> bit clients over the next couple of months and this is going to be a huge
> stumbling block.
> Several months ago I posted a problem I was having installing 64 bit Xerox
> drivers into a shared samba queue. 32 bit drivers seem to be fine but the 64
> bit are a world of pain. There didn't seem to be any resolution at that time
> and hoping things may have changed in the last few months.
> I've had success with 64 bit HP drivers ... just not Xerox.
> When adding the 64 bit driver as an "additional driver" under the sharing
> tab of the queue of the samba server, it complains, "The specified location
> does not contain the driver <driver name here> for the requested processor
> architecture." It clearly is a 64 version, it will install locally.
> As far as "cupsaddsmb" is concerned ... it just doesn't seem to work with
> 64 bit ... unless I'm doing something wrong ... which is completely likely
> :)
> If anyone could shed some light on this, it would be immensely appreciated.
> Thanking you all in advance.
> Greg
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