[Samba] getent passwd fails inside freebsd jail using samba 3.4.14

Kamil Choudhury Kamil.Choudhury at anserinae.net
Thu Sep 22 08:59:16 MDT 2011

>>  I presume that ABPSVC-UNIX2 is your server and your client is in the jail on that machine.

Actually, abpsvc-unix2 is the client at; it's hosted on a server called called serenity , which is at If it matters, serenity is running a samba client successfully. Both are authenticating against AD server awpsvc-win1.anserinae.net at 192.168.12.

I'm new to all of this, so perhaps I'm asking the wrong question: is winbind the right tool to be using to map AD users to the jail? 

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