[Samba] Slow Directory Access after upgrade to 3.5.6

Mike 1100100 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 09:46:08 MDT 2011

Upgraded to Samba 3.5.6 from 3.5.2.
Samba is running as a standalone server on a box that was upgraded from
Slackware 13.1 to Slackware 13.37.
All Win XP Pro and Win 7 Pro clients can connect to the workgroup and browse
shares and folders exactly as before; however, many complain of intermittent
pauses, slowdowns and "Not Responding" messages when traversing directories.
The samba server and users are all on the same LAN segment behind a
firewall/router box (slackware linux 13.1) that also acts as the DHCP server
for the LAN.  No firewall changes have been made from the time of Samba
3.5.2 to 3.5.6.

I'm wondering if there is a dns problem problem since I noticed openssh
logins to the samba server box also became very slow upon upgrading the
Samba server.  It was not until I changed the openssh server to "useDNS =
no" that the login speed went back to "normal."

I don't see anything of note in the samba logs; but, I may not have them
tuned to the proper level.
I can provide the smb.conf if that's helpful, but it's very simple and has
not changed in two years.

I would appreciate any guidance in how to troubleshoot this scenario.
Thank you for your help.


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