[Samba] Samba for Mac OS X

Hoover, Tony hoover at sal.ksu.edu
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Samba is not a protocol.  SMB is the protocol, and the protocol is "owned"
by Microsoft.  Samba is an open source package that implements a SMB server.

It doesn't matter what kernel, or OS you are using, you can build Samba from
the source code to run on your platform.  As for the front-end... have you
ever thought of learning about text config files?  (seriously, there are
some other front-ends such as SWAT and webmin.  They, however, don't
integrate with Aqua, but they should be usable)
Of course, those steps are only necessary if you want to share resources
from your Mac with the rest of your network.  I don't believe the existing
CIFS (SMB client in the kernel) client has gone away in OSX 10.7. 

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Dear Samba Community,

Because Apple has transitioned away from the open-source SAMBA protocol for
their new 10.7 release of Mac OS X, I was wondering if there is a
third-party solution to fill this void.  Because OS X is based on Darwin,
and Darwin is an open-source "free" version of UNIX, I thought there might
be a solution with an Aqua front-end that would make it easier for Mac
machines to connect to Windows networks.  If you are able to answer my
question, I would be very happy!

Thank you so much, and have a great week,


Daniel Sutton
danielsutton at gmail.com
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