[Samba] Domain Member keytabs invalid after Password Change

Dirk Gouders gouders at et.bocholt.fh-gelsenkirchen.de
Mon Sep 19 01:10:59 MDT 2011

Chase Whitener <chase.whitener at infotechfl.com> writes:

> We have a 2008r2 AD domain.  We join Linux machines as domain members using
> Samba with Winbind (I'll show all of my config files below).  This portion
> of our setup works without failures of any kind.  However, some of these
> machines are web servers for Intranet stuff and we'd like to have SSO
> working.  For this, we use Apache (HTTPD) plus mod_auth_kerb (requires a
> keytab file).  So, since we're already joining the machines to the domain
> with Samba, we thought it would be smart to just generate the keytab files
> with net ads.
> export KRB5_KTNAME=FILE:/etc/www.keytab
> net ads keytab create -Udomain-admin  (requires a password, so this can't be
> scripted and run in cron)
> net ads keytab add HTTP -Udomain-admin  (requires a password, so this can't
> be scripted and run in cron)
> unset KRB5_KTNAME
> chown apache /etc/www.keytab
> service httpd restart
> However, when Samba changes the machine account's password (seemingly
> randomly), those keytab files are no longer valid and have to be
> regenerated.  Is there some way for those keytab files to be updated
> automatically when Samba updates the machine account, or some setting to
> stop Samba from updating that password?  And alternatively, are we doing
> things in a completely wrong way?  I apologize for writing a book here, but
> without all of the background info, you may not be able to help.  Here's my
> config files for a machine:

Hi Chase,

I did not see an answer to your question and would like to ask if you
received any help with your problem or solved it some other way.



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