[Samba] Slow opening of .cdr files on corel

Marcos Longo marcoslongo at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 08:31:41 MDT 2011

Hi there.

I have a ubuntu server with latest Samba 3 installed. It´s a Core 2 quad
CPU  with 2g DDR2 Ram.

I get copy speeds as fast as my network can handle (100 Mb) when copying
files with windows 7, so, everything looks just fine.
But when i try to open .cdr files from corel draw things get very slow. And
this only happens if i try to open it from inside corel. If i open a .cdr
file from windows explorer, everything works fine. This do not happen if the
file is in a windows share on another machine, but happens if it is on the
samba share.

Anyone have any clues?

Marcos Longo

Analista de suporte
 Profissional certificado LPIC-2

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