[Samba] can't turn on wide links in homedir

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Wed Sep 14 19:16:53 MDT 2011

 Jeremy Allison wrote:
> I didn't like re-enabling the feature as it re-introduces something
> that was widely regarded as a security hole, 
People widely regarded the earth as flat ....and ... well sometime ago,
as in some areas, as only 6000 years old...

> but recognised the need
> some sites have to enable it without patching the code. So naming it
> "allow insecure widelinks" is the best solution IMHO. That
> way people who are experimenting won't turn it on by accident
> and blame us (and yes, things like that *do* happen), but people
> who need it can do so happily.
> smb.conf is not a user interface, it's a configuration file. It's ok
> to have ugly options we don't recommend people use (as  Volker said,
> you can set "guest user = root" if you really want to :-).
>> If not, I didn't win.  I feel that I failed to communicate with you.
> "What we have here is a failure to communicate..." :-) :-).
> (name that movie ! :-).

> I'm just fed up of discussing it. As you are one of the sites
> who vociferously requested this option back in the code (even
> to the extent of opening a bug and writing a patch) then let's
> just leave things as they are. I won't respond again on this
> topic, I have far too many other things to do.
    Oh...ok...well, ... um... thanks?  I think?


(still wish I could help you deal with the idiots who think the world is
flat...but I'm rarely if ever a good convincer of anything, even though
what I say is often valid )...*sigh*

I think my nick should have been

> Jeremy

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