[Samba] ctdb node disable windows xcopy break

Kosa Attila atkosa at mithrandir.hu
Wed Sep 14 02:18:26 MDT 2011

On Thu, Sep 08, 2011 at 02:39:09PM +0200, Kosa Attila wrote:
> Hi,
> What did I miss / do wrong? My config didn't work like on the
> below linked video:
> http://www.samba.org/~tridge/ctdb_movies/node_disable.html
> With my config, the copy process fails/breaks despite that the
> tesztxp PC successfully maps the other (samba) PC in case the
> first (samba) PC is out. In the samba logs (even at log level = 10)
> I didn't see any information that can help me solve this problem.

I tested if I copy files from a dos window at C:\ with the
command (xcopy /S /E /F /Y /Z C:\DATA1 Z:\DATA2), the copy
process didn't break when I disable the active ctdb (ctdb disable
-n 0).

On the other hand, if I reverse the direction and copy from the
share to the local disk, shortly after the execution of the "ctdb
disable -n 0" command, the copy process breaks.

Because the copy only broke when the remote share was the source
I thought that the problem might be somewhere around the reading
process. I tried the process with increased windows memory (512MB
-> 1G) and with different file sizes (0 byte, 1MB and 2 MB) but
none of them changed the result (the copy process breaks when the
active node gets disabled)
As previously, the samba logs didn't contain any information that
could lead me to the root of the problem.

Can anyone help me what should I try/do to find a working cluster


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