[Samba] UNIX group updates with Samba 3.0.28

Leeor Aharon leeor at cloudshare.com
Mon Sep 12 07:08:53 MDT 2011


I am using Samba on Nexenta 3.1.1 which is why the version is pretty old.

I am seeing that Samba daemons do not see group membership changes until I
do a samba restart or kill the PIDs specific for the shares I need updated.
When I tried doing the same on an Ubuntu machine, I remember that Samba was
able to see the changes as they happened (was using Samba 3.5+). I've read
somewhere in an old forum post that Samba daemons refresh the contents of
/etc/group on load. I'm guessing that might have been changed at some time.
I couldn't find any configuration differences that might explain the
different behavior.

My question is whether there's anything I can do with the version I have
(3.0.28) to get Samba to refresh /etc/group which does not involve killing
processes and disrupting access. Using reload (SIGHUP) does not help.


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