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Sun Sep 11 07:37:46 MDT 2011

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Though this is a pretty nifty start ease things regarding the "net"
commands, I think the man pages need to have all the commands documented
in it first.  I know that even with the completion files, I would still
need to refer to the man pages or the googles for specific syntax.

I know some functions I would like to see documented more are things
like keytab management.


On 09/10/2011 07:56 PM, Linda Walsh wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone already had completion files for samba utils like
> 'net' wbinfo...etc...  I can never remember all the params, I keep wanting
> to hit <tab> to autocomplete for options like I can on many other sys
> utils.
> So I started looking at examples of existing completion files and started
> cobbling one together...  if no one else has some (which would be great!),
> I'll probably continue work on this in a spare cycle every once in a while,
> or if anyone wants to add to it, I'd appreciate additions...
> Other utils do host and user name lookup when the param or field being
> auto-completed needs such -- similar features would be nice in this one,
> but it's my first attempt at writing autocompletion for anything,
> To use it, just 'source it' (i.e.: ". <filename>" or "source <filename>").
> It just has 1st level and a few 2nd level cmds at this point, so it's
> pretty basic, but it's already helpful, so I thought I toss it out for
> others to use/enhance/abuse..  etc.
> I'm working w/samba 3.5.11 and bash 4.1, so it's may have some specifics to
> those versions.  It doesn't have any of the ads sub commands in it, as my
> current version doesn't have ads compiled in.  I don't know if
> alphabetizing the compgen lists is needed (would certainly allow search
> optimizations optimization if so), but am trying for alphabetizing the
> response lists...(but it may be unnecessary).
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> -linda

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