[Samba] Samba app slow after IP change

Rakesh Singh rakesh at verifaction.co.za
Fri Sep 9 09:34:42 MDT 2011


Strange problem here.
We have 3 AIX servers running Samba as domain member servers.
AIX 5.3 ML 12
Samba 3.0.11
Everything running smoothly for over 5 years.
Recently, we had to change IP addresses on all 3 servers.
Since then, we have seen 2-20 (yes 20) minute delays in opening up an
DNS, reverse lookups etc are all fine. Even used host entries on client and
The app is basically a terminal emulator.
The shortcut is something like :
\\servername\.app\app.exe /c \\servername\homes\.conf\app.conf

Accessing the exe alone is fast.
Accessing the config file alone is fast.
Accessing them together is slow!
Moving the config to another location makes it fast, but I need the config
file to be in the user home directory.
After fiddling with my config, my speed is back to normal.
Newly mapped users are also fine.
I also mapped 3 people on the same network (incl. myself) to the same unix
user so we all had the same links.
2 were fast, 1 was slow.
I have tried everything, and running with log level = 10 with a log for
individual users only shows that Samba is sending keepalive packets every
minute until the app starts.
What could be causing this from a mere IP change?
oplocking? But an IP change should not cause any issue since the users
access the machine using the FQDN and not IP.

Also, ssh, web etc. are all fast. scp, ftp, smbclient transfers are quick.
So it is only when Windows accesses an app with a UNC path, referencing a
config with a UNC path to the HOMES share.

Anyone seen this before?

Thank you.

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