[Samba] Can't add users to well known groups...

Harry Jede walk2sun at arcor.de
Sat Sep 10 07:53:56 MDT 2011

On 15:48:09 wrote Linda Walsh:
> I created the well known group Domain Admins pointing to a local
> group, but I am not able to add users to the group -- it claims I
> can only add users to
> local or global groups...
> But I only see local, domain ,well-known, builtin.
> There are no global groups unless one would include all groups that
> are not local (i.e. domain, well-known, and builtin)....
> So why doesn't it want to let me add to my domain admins group when
> it is defined as a well known group (which it is, according to
> MS)...
Nobody may be able to answer your questions, if you dont give us some 
background information!

something like:
which samba version
which sam, ldapsam or tdbsam
do you use winbind
your global section of samba conf
the commands you have used
which well knwon groups you have cureently


	Harry Jede

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