[Samba] Clearcase, Samba, and mnode values

Kathy banshee135 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 11:14:47 MDT 2011

That's possible and yesterday I was looking at possibly using Valgrind
to see if I could dig further into that idea.  I've never used it
before, though, so not sure if there is an easier method to detect
kernel memory leaks.

And about static things in swap, I agree.  I have noticed on our old
Clearcase/Samba server, that it consumes all the memory down to about
150M plus 72k of swap and just sits there like that.  Seems to be fine
and can run for 2 months or longer like that.  That server, though,
has only 4 gigs of memory and so I was assuming that it did that
because it didn't have a lot of memory.  However, this new Clearcase
server, which has 32 GB of memory appears to perhaps want to do the
same thing.  So I began to wonder if that is just normal behavior --
i.e., it caches all its memory.  But I think it's a problem because
people started to report Clearcase running really really slow when it
got down to almost nothing left and it just seems odd that it would
consume all 32 GB of memory in less than 12 hours.

> If you can't spot processes consuming memory in RSS might it
> be a kernel memleak? BTW, something statically in swap is
> not necessarily bad.
> Volker

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