[Samba] Windows 7 64 bits with Samba PDC (trust relationship problem)

Daniel Lopes de Carvalho dlcarvalho at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 07:27:12 MDT 2011


I would like to know if anyone has success in making 64-bit Windows Seven
work with a Samba PDC without any problems?

I have a Samba 3.5.6 server running on Debian Lenny. Samba works properly
and is using the LDAP backend, which is integrated with Kerberos, GSSAPI,

Abount Windows Seven... I changed the registry as recommended Samba wiki,
applied the hotfix to not give the DNS error after entering in the domain.
The Winbind with IDMap are working too.

The Windows Seven usually join to the domain, create the LDAP account, but
an error occurs intermittently. Sometimes when I try to log into the domain,
an error message appears saying failure of trust relationship.

It changed the NTLM and NTLMv2, etc., and the error persists. I noticed in
the Samba logs that sometimes the following message appears:

_netr_ServerAuthenticate3: netlogon_creds_server_check failed. Rejecting
auth request from client $ CLIENT CLIENT machine account

Usually after this message appears I can log into the domain, but before it
displays, it gives the error message of failure of trust relationship.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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