[Samba] Not crazy...really! Domain!=DOMAIN (win7 showing both versions of my dom)...

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Tue Sep 6 00:07:59 MDT 2011

 Hah!  Caught it in the act!...

Filed it with a bug report talking about the problem...

Shows me being offered a choice between two icon types (anyone know what
those are?  for 'BLISS' (the newly mangled samba name) and 'Bliss' (the
original name)...


Not sure why or how what went into the case name changing, but it was
another source of havoc on my setup, as on linux, usernames (Bliss\user !=
BLISS\user,) and pathnames /home/DOMAIN/user != /home/Domain/user....

Still getting occasional weirdnesses ... though oddly most of my group
mapping problems went away recently after upgrading to 3.5.11 (don't know
if it was exactly co-incident, but that's the only thing I can think of
that would have changed that could have caused such a thing).   I still
can't SEE most of my groups... (no builtins, and only a few domain groups,
-- NO well-known groups (that are defined in my domain), like 'Domain
Admins'...(though it's still in some access lists in my local Win7
workstation, I can't ADD it on any new security tab .. nor most other
domain groups.

Oh well... keeps one entertained I suppose...

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