[Samba] Fwd: Samba browsing not possible! (Linux Mint, Firewall (Gufw), Samba shares, gvfsd-smb-browse)

Tom H. Lautenbacher mailinglists at tom.lautenbacher.biz
Mon Oct 31 19:55:10 MDT 2011

Hello dear Sambausers:

My setup:
0. Linux Mint 11 (Gnome, Nautilus file browser, Firewall "Gufw")
1. Gufw is enabled, rejecting incoming and outgoing traffic by default.
2. I have set all ports relevant to samba (135,139,445/tcp for smbd and
137,138/udp for nmbd) to "Allow", both, for incoming and outgoing.

My problem:
When I click on "Network>  Windows Network" in "nautilus" file browser,
it does not find my other Samba machines in my network. Instead, I get a
message from Gufw saying, that service gvfsd-smb-browse tries to reach
out, but got blocked. The ports that this service uses change each time
that I trigger the browse attempt. It seems grossly to range between
ports 3X000 and 5X000, making it impossible for me to punch a hole into
the firewall for this service.

1. What the heck is this gvfsd-smb-browse for? I have never needed it
before with other distros and opening the standard samba ports was
enough at all times to browse my network.
2. If nautilus needs this service desperately and there is no other way:
How can I configure this gvfsd-smb-browse to use a specific port or at
least a small port range, instead of probing randomly 20000 ports! This
is worse than Skype!!
3. Please help me with any peace information that you might have about
this subject; Google did not answer my questions unfortunately..

Thanx for any help/hint/tip/howto!!


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