[Samba] Saving Microsoft-Word files an a Samba share does not work

markus hansen hansenmarkus at gmx.de
Tue Oct 25 04:02:59 MDT 2011


i am having Problems with saving doc files from Word 2003 (running on
windows 7) to a samba share (running sernet Samba 3.3.15-40.el5.i386
on Centos). Creating a fresh .doc file and saving it to the share does
not give an error message, but the size of the resulting file is
0 bytes. When saving it again after some editing a error message
complaining about insufficient resources shows up. Copying files using
the windows explorer from/to the share is not a Problem. A similar
Problem has already been described on this list, but a solution is
missing ...


Any ideas how to fix this?

regards, Markus
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