[Samba] Samba for eComStation 2.0

Milan Rieder milan_rieder at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 23 06:19:00 MDT 2011


One of the three operating systems on my computer is eComStation 2.0, and it is connected to the 
outer world by means ofa TCP/IP facility. This is activated by means of "File and Directory Connections 
(Samba)". I have been through several generations of OS/2, so I know that system, but the Samba is a 
new field for me.

After I fill in the rectangles, Samba takes two minutes to connect (it gets faster later on), and I can move 

my files and folders back and forth. However, the connection times out after about 9 minutes,and it is 
difficult to re-establish. This happens whether the connection is idle or busy, no difference. OK, I can (and 
 un-mount the opposite server after 8 minutes and renew the connection foranother 9 minutes ... and 
so on and so forth. I looked at the various settings, but I did not find where and how tochange the timeout. 
If the connection could be set to an hour, that would be much more to my taste. Could you please tell me 
how to change this ? 

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