[Samba] Win 7 Pro again

samba at printflow.eu samba at printflow.eu
Mon Oct 24 09:18:39 MDT 2011

I have succesfully joined Win 7 Pro to my Samba PDC
Now I'm trying to join other machine.
I'm following wiki.samba.org/index.php/Windows7, but from last time i 
know this is not ultimate solution. In fact it indirectly states that 
with all updates you don't have to do anything to be able join PDC.
Just note, that I have WINS server set in my DHCP as resolved in other 

First I tried install KB2171571
I get "The update is not applicable to your machine" so I guess it was 
applied by update or sp1.

I use reg patch and restart. (I took glass of clean water meanwhile).
I'm able to join PDC successfully.

As a result I recommend to remove missleading sentence about hotfix from 

Thanks for your work.

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