[Samba] ntlm_auth NT_STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE with windbind

Alessandro dedalus2000 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 18:13:45 MDT 2011

As far I have many issues with pdbedit, I'm starting to clear samba db 
and fill it again with a backup configuration.

Now I'm working on a "test" environment, with a new samba installation. 
I have migrate all gourps,users, sid,domain, etc..

The first thing I can say:  "net sam list builtin"  gives only 
"administrators" and "users", from the first samba start-up.
However " net rpc group members.." works fine (I forgot the "-U 
domainmaster" )

>> stop samba, start winbind, start samba
>> wait some seconds, winbindd will now create the third domain which has
>> the name of your PDCs hostname.

If I start winbind with the "winbind.conf" trick, I see only the 
"hostname" domain.
If I start it without the trick I see only the "normal" domain.

Never I have seen both domains, but I'm continuing to try in order to 
find a solution.

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