[Samba] USB Drive Permissions?

Nicholas Oleksinski noleksin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 11:11:49 MDT 2011

Here comes a newbie question...

I just installed Samba on my Karmic box and I am trying to share a USB drive
that has been mounted to /media/Personal1.

It's not working now even though I see it as a listed share.  So I went
through the 'Samba Checklist'.  The tmp share worked immediately, which
leads me to think that this has something to do with the ownership and
permissions on the USB drive.

1) It is owned by noleks (me)
2) Its permissions are 700, unchangeable (?)

Has anyone else dealt with such an issue?  It's gotta be easy.  I've been
around Linux enough to know when I'm missing something. :)


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