[Samba] CTDB + Likewise-open : What servername when joining AD?

Nicolas Ecarnot nicolas at ecarnot.net
Wed Nov 30 07:12:52 MST 2011


[Context : ubuntu 11.11 64bits, cman, clvmd, gfs2, ctdb, samba, 
likewise-open, all running fine except...]

I've setup ctdb to manage public_addresses (to manage one virtual ip 
actually), and I've explicitely told smb.conf that
netbios name = foobar_cluster

I've done that *after* I've manage to make samba, likewise-open and AD 
to work nicely together.

I guess now all the setup and domain joining informations stored 
somewhere in likewise remembers the real actual name of the server 

So, when trying to reach a share from windows with
\\foobar_cluster\share01   ,
I get errors and non working config (I guess the errors are not worth 
showing - the issue seems clear to me)

(Reaching \\foobar01\share01 does work obviously)

Anyway, with such a setup (ctdb + likewise-open), what is the 
recommended way to setup the server name in samba and in likewise?

Places where I guess there's something to work on:
- /etc/hosts
   don't know exactly? Perhaps have something like   foobar01.f.q.d.n            foobar01  foobar_cluster.f.q.d.n      foobar_cluster
   though i'm not sure this helps, as this is already correct in our DNS.

- /etc/samba/smb.conf  netbios name = foobar_cluster

- domainjoin-cli ?
   I saw there's an option to change the server's name, but I guess it's 
just a shortcut to make changes in the /etc setup?

- likewise-open registry?

Nicolas Ecarnot

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