[Samba] Forget Samba password immediately

Guitart Francesc francesc.guitart at enise.fr
Mon Nov 28 08:40:50 MST 2011


I have one NAS with SAMBA activated with this structure:


Every shared folder are accessible only by one user:

UserA >> sharedA
UserB >> sharedB
UserC >> sharedC

When I try to connect from Debian 6 it asks me the user and password 
every time I get connected. I have clicked "Forget password immediately" 
on the windows where I put the credentials.

If I try to connect from CentOS 5.7 it only asks me the user and 
password when I get connected to a shared folder where I haven't been 
connected before. I'm not asked for the shared folders where I log in 
before although I'm disconnected previously. So after I get connected as 
userA and as userB, if I get connected as userC, I have acces to:


Who manages the policy of SMB passwords? How can I forget SMB password 
immediately? Or how I can really disconnect from NAS?


Francesc Guitart
Service CRI

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