[Samba] samba PANIC

skull skull17 at gmx.ch
Mon Nov 28 08:01:41 MST 2011

its a redhat system so a "service smb reload" does the trick.
i'll raise the loglevel and provide more information later.
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> On 28 November 2011 12:37, skull <skull17 at gmx.ch> wrote:
>> due tu the fact that the server is in a productive environment i am not 
>> able
>> to restart the samba service.
>> is there a way do raise the loglevel without restarting samba?
>> I found an old way to to it in an oreilly openbook but im not sure if 
>> this
>> still works
>> http://oreilly.com/openbook/samba/book/ch09_01.html
>> Activating and deactivating logging
>> # Increase the logging level by 1
>> kill -SIGUSR1 1234
>> # Decrease the logging level by 1
>> kill -SIGUSR2 1234
> You should be able to reload your configuration without restarting the
> service. You can either edit you config file and change the debug
> level or change the command line that runs you smbd to include with
> the -d flag at a level you want.
> The way you reload you config is dependent on you distribution,
> perhaps '/etc/init,d/samba reload' or kill -HUP `pgrepsmbd` but you'd
> want to test this on a non-production server first.
> HTH,
> Dermot 

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