[Samba] file sharing

rahul jaiswal rahuljaiswal1986 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 03:07:23 MST 2011


I am using samba to redirect the profiles of the windows user on to linux.

I have the follwoing setup.

in my setup there is a parent child relationship between two user.

I am using homes share for profile. inside the My Documents of a
parent user there is a Company share folder which is shared to its
child user using a different share. as <parentuser.company>
The company share is mounted on child user's desktop.
the inheritance bit is on on both comapny share and homes share.

Issues are
: if parent creates a folder inside company share folder the child
user is able to open the folders . which i dont want to.

: if if set the permission inheritance off, the above issue is solved.
but if the parent creates a new folder inside a folder with read only
then the permisson bits are not inherited

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