[Samba] ADS Problem : segmentation fault

djamel boussebha dboussebha at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 22 02:42:20 MST 2011

Hi Volker;
I have installed vamgrind but I don't know how to use ? 
Its the command "net ads join -S CINVW067 -U administrateur%laposte+1" which generated the segmentation fault.

I have tried :
#vamgrind --tool=memcheck net ads join -S CINVW067 -U administrateur%laposte+1
-bash: vamgrind: command not found

How to use vamgrid to identify the error ?

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On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 09:12:04AM +0000, djamel boussebha wrote:
> Hi;
> Please I would like to know which are the corrects values to set into the samba/kerberos configuration to ads protocol works fine.
> My platform is :
> Windows server 2008 R2 with AD LDAP is : (CINVW067)
> Linux server with Samba/Winbind version 3.5.12 + kerberos 1.4 : (CILVS049)
> When I try to join the AD via ADS protocol I have a error : segmentation fault :
> # net ads join -S CINVW067 -U administrateur%laposte+1
> Segmentation fault

Can you try running that under valgrind?


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