[Samba] using passdb backend = smbpasswd and ldap linux authentication

tony archibald tony at dutyfreestores.com.au
Sun Nov 20 20:56:32 MST 2011

samba version  3.0.33-3.29
openldap 2.3

is it possible to have linux users stored in an ldap directory and still
use the  passdb backend = smbpasswd.
I have an existing smbpasswd password db and an existing set of linux users
I have migrated the linux users to LDAP and authenticating successfully
until I have time to get all samba credentials migrated to ldap i still
need use the existing smbpaswd file.
so the scenario is that for existing (ie pre migration) users all is well.
however for newly added users I get the following error when accessing a
"build_sam_account: smbpasswd database is corrupt!  username jtony with uid
1091 is not in unix passwd database!"
smbd doesn't seem to be looking in the ldap directory for the unix user,
rather it is still looking in /etc/passwd


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