[Samba] samba4 & ldap?

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Sat Nov 19 00:23:53 MST 2011

>> Robert
>> Adam Tauno Williams a écrit :
>>> On Thu, 2011-11-17 at 12:34 -0600, John Heim wrote:
>>>> I am confused... Using an ldap server as a backend for samba4 is not
>>>> recommended?
>>> Not only not recommended, it will not work and is not supported.
>>>> We are primarily a linux shop. We have an ldap database we use
>>>> for authentication. I can't use that anymore if I switch to samba4?
>>> Nope.
>>> Active Directory provides an LDAP service (DSA) but Active Directory is
>>> not LDAP. It has very specific provisioning, security, and schema
>>> rules.

We use samba-ldap mainly for single sign on. I'd like to have a go at 
Samba 4. I currently have v3 with ldap. Is openldap similar to the ldap 
in Samba 4 or will I have to relearn it?

Would it be possible for folk like me (little or no windows experience) 
to have some more information on Samba 4? Screenshots of what AD looks 
like on a Windows server would be great. I know these are available 
elsewhere but their explanations are ridden with windows jargon and 
leave Samba admins on Linux out in the cold.

Thanks for reading.

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