[Samba] Adding Samba3/4 fileserver to samba4 domain

Dieter Modig dieter.m at inputinterior.se
Tue Nov 8 03:28:15 MST 2011


We've been trying to add a fileserver to our current samba4 test domain. The scenario is that we have several branch offices connected by low bandwith lines. So we want to have a fileserver locally handling home directories/profiles and stuff like that but a central DC handling logins, GPO and such. 

The DC (samba4) is up and running the way we would like it to but we're now stuck at phase 2: adding a fileserver to the mix. We've found bits and pieces on how to get this working like Franky (http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Franky) and information about Winbind (http://www.justlinux.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-118512.html). We have not been succesful in putting all the pieces together though. 

Could you give any pointers on how this is supposed to be stitched together? Our solution now has been to install samba4 (alpha17) as a member server and then experimenting with the franky approach of using samba3 for the file server parts. We've managed to add the server to the domain as a member but can't seem to get authentication to flow through. 


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