[Samba] Copying paused under ctdb when the slave node is reboot

廖煜 liaoyu17 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 02:23:39 MST 2011

Hi, Experts

I do the copying test with 2-nodes cluster under ctdb mode. A win2k3
client copies a big file to the share through the public ip of the
master. During the copying, I reboot the slave node forcely.  Then,
the copying through the public ip of the master pause for about 10

I wonder the ctdbd disturb the smbd. How the ctdbd communicate withe
the smbd. Is the copying disturbed during the ctdbd recover?

And how long is the smbd downtime? What is the factor of the downtime?
e.g. node number, the stress on the master?

Best Regards.
Yu Liao

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