[Samba] Issue with compile of 3.5.12 -- krb related

James Chase james at chasecomputers.net
Tue Nov 8 13:12:02 MST 2011

After compiling samba 3.5.12 from source on CentOS 5.7, I test the 
configuration with 'testparm lib/smb.conf' and I get the following output

WARNING: Ignoring invalid value 'ADS' for parameter 'security'
Unknown parameter encountered: "realm"
Ignoring unknown parameter "realm"

I figured this might be due to a compile problem and I re-checked the 
HOWTO pdf and saw that I needed to find the following in include/config.h

#define HAVE_KRB5 1
#define HAVE_LDAP 1

I was missing the KRB5 line so I installed krb5-devel (centos 5.7) and 
then re-configured. During the make command I now get the following error:

cifs.upcall.c:(.text+0x360): undefined reference to
cifs.upcall.c:(.text+0x3d3): undefined reference to `smb_krb5_unparse_name'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [bin/cifs.upcall] Error 1

I first installed every krb5 package I could find (didn't fix the 
compile errors) and then I tried disabling this cifsupcall feature but 
then got the same errors using testparm. So maybe this feature  is 
required for the 'ads' option and 'realm' parameter. Arg -- does this 
indicate my krb5 libraries are too old and missing some new function?

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