[Samba] Samba4 and sysvol share

felix at epepm.cupet.cu felix at epepm.cupet.cu
Mon Nov 7 06:34:22 MST 2011

> Hello Felix,
> Sorry for the very late answer,
> Well I remade a test today, in gpmc.msc (group policy management
console), I have no errors from Windows about the ACLs of the folders for
my policies.

Thanks a lot for your answers, Matthieu and Christopher. It makes me happy
to know that you guys don't forget to answer the questions of samba users.

My first solution was changing the permissions of the sysvol directory in
my linux box to 755 (I think 644 could work too) after defining the
policies I needed for my domain.

I'm a newbie in Linux and in Samba that's why at the begining I didn't
realize that my filesystem did not support the user_xattr option and I had
skipped that part of the HowTo. I'm so sorry for taking some of your
precious time.

Now I'm learning how to compile a kernel to include the needed options and
I'm pretty sure that will fix my issue.

For beginners, I would like to contribute with the steps I followed to
make Bind, Ntp and Samba4 work together on Debian Lenny. How can I do it?

My best wishes for the Samba team and users.

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