[Samba] winbind nsswitch resolving names issue

Alessio Tomelleri atomelleri at arpa.veneto.it
Wed Nov 2 05:06:31 MDT 2011

Il 31/10/2011 20:44, Linda Walsh ha scritto:
> From Manpage from nsswitch.conf:
>   ** Interaction with +/- syntax (compat mode)
>   Linux  libc5 without NYS does not have the name service switch but does
>  ....
>   pat,  group_compat  and shadow_compat.  These pseudo-databases are only
>   available in GNU C Library.

> That's as much as I know...i.e. will likely use your /etc/passwd/group
> unless you have NIS....and GNU provides some GNU specific extensions
> to support similar features.

Really, I'm sorry to have bothered with that dummy question... hurry
isn't a good adviser. Now I remember I've read that, but too much hurry
and  with too few attention :(   btw thx for remind me to that. Now I've
got it more in deep !

> Seriously...do you have something like nscd running or some other
> directory service (ldap/yp/nis) that might be returning it's "opinion"
> on the information rather than it always going to wb?

No, I've not any nscd or other ldap running, which could interfere...

Thx Linda...


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