[Samba] Samba serving sshfs shares: can't delete files

TLoD,Snake snake at tsn.spb.ru
Tue May 31 09:43:16 MDT 2011


I have samba share on my sshfs-mounted folder. All works just fine
except I can't delete files from sshfs unless they are in 0777 chmodded
directory. Even if that files were putted trough smbclient. I can read
files, write files (regardless their directory permissions) but not
delete them.

Here is my share config:

comment = shre over sshfs
path = /home/kli/work/remotes/dev
valid users = kli
public = no
writable = yes
printable = no
delete readonly = yes
read only = no
force group = kli
force user = kli

/home/kli/work/remotes/dev is sshfs-mounted directory on another server.
It's accessible by everyone and mounted with option 'allow_other' so
every user on my system can create and delete files in sshfs directory.

How can I make samba delete files from sshfs mounted directory?

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