[Samba] Accessing the root file system in a share.

Mike A. Leonetti mikealeonetti at gmail.com
Thu May 26 08:15:09 MDT 2011

My goal is to access / in a share for backup purposes.

My samba has an LDAP password backend and has been working for some time
with every other user. I created the following user in LDAP:
> root:x:0:0:Root User:/root:/bin/bash
And then the following entry in samba:
> [slashroot]
> writeable = no
> path = /
> browseable = yes
> valid users = root
And the system sees it and I can log in to it via samba. However, I
cannot see all of the files. I thought the "root" user had permissions
to see everything. Did I miss a step?


Mike A. Leonetti
As warm as green tea

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