[Samba] Cannot authenticate new ldap users (unless they are in /etc/passwd too)

Sean Boran sean at boran.com
Wed May 25 14:49:45 MDT 2011


@Gaiseric: Yes, I have option 2, the LDAP entries include UNIX account
details such as UID.
(I can for example, login via ssh with the ldap accounts: which shows that
the unix account details are ok and nss works)
Samba is somehow not seeing ldap unix accounts though.
I've also now noticed that it is not seeing the group membership in ldap
either, although "getent groups" and "id" show the groups.

@Takahashi: Log level 10 is interesting. But co-in cidentailly after
enabling it, and a a delay of one day, the logins are working fine, even if
the /etc/passwd entry is removed.

I'm going to have to do more tests, thanks for the tips though.


On 24 May 2011 18:15, Gaiseric Vandal <gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com> wrote:

> You still need a "unix" account to back the samba account-  this can be
> done in several ways
>    -  have a local unix acct in /etc/passwd
>    -  have the LDAP entry for your samba user also include your "unix"
> account info.
>    -  have winbind allocate unix uid's and gid's dynamically for samba
> accounts in your local domain.
> I use option 2 -  LDAP for both unix and samba authentication.  I initially
> used nis for unix and TBD for samba, then moved both to a consolidated LDAP
> backend.
> If you don't need LDAP auth for unix level logins , it may be sufficient to
> add uid and gid to the LDAP entry and skip the unix password field.
> I have not tried option 3.
> On 05/23/2011 05:47 PM, Sean Boran wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I migrated a PDC to use an ldap backend and am having fun with a few last
>> issues..
>> Existing user accounts and machine accounts were migrated, and existing
>> users can authenticate.
>> Now I've added some new users and none of them can authenticate.
>> e.g. for the user "inktec".
>> The user can login via SSH, but not mount a share:
>> smbclient \\\\server3\\someshare -U=inktec mypassword
>> May 23 19:40:47 server3 smbd[7364]: [2011/05/23 19:40:47,  0]
>> passdb/pdb_get_set.c:211(pdb_get_group_sid)
>> May 23 19:40:47 server3 smbd[7364]:   pdb_get_group_sid: Failed to find
>> Unix
>> account for inktec
>> May 23 19:40:47 server3 smbd[7364]: [2011/05/23 19:40:47,  1]
>> auth/auth_util.c:577(make_server_info_sam)
>> May 23 19:40:47 server3 smbd[7364]:   User inktec in passdb, but
>> getpwnam()
>> fails!
>> May 23 19:40:47 server3 smbd[7364]: [2011/05/23 19:40:47,  0]
>> auth/auth_sam.c:355(check_sam_security)
>> May 23 19:40:47 server3 smbd[7364]:   check_sam_security:
>> make_server_info_sam() failed with 'NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER'
>> Sama can see the users and groups.
>> The following find the user just fine:
>> ldapsearch  -x  '(uid=inktec)'
>> pdbedit -L -v inktec
>> getent passwd inktec
>> smbldap-usershow inktec
>> id inktec
>> uid=18664(inktec) gid=513(Domain Users) groups=513(Domain
>> Users),203(buser)
>> Users were added with the tool "smbldap-useradd -a", and also with
>> "ldapadmin"...
>> I also compared the ldap entries for users that work fine with the new
>> users
>> in ldap admin, they are basically the same.
>> Perhaps related is that on a  Windows XP client in the domain, if inktec
>> is
>> added to a User Groups such as Remote Desktop Users, windows complains
>> "Information return for object picket for object inktec was incomplete".
>> Then by chance I added the test user (inktec) to /etc/passwd (but not to
>> shadow), just to see. It worked!
>> Its like the passwd line is nssswitch_conf is being ignored?
>> group:  compat ldap
>> passwd: compat ldap
>> shadow: compat ldap
>> But then why did "getent passwd inktec" work, and why would SSH login
>> work.
>> Before ldap I would add users with both "useradd" and "smbpasswd -a", but
>> this should not be necessary with the ldap store?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Sean
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