[Samba] Can I write to wondows folder

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Wed May 25 13:02:13 MDT 2011

I am not sure if the Administrators group is required on the PDC-  any 
way it would be a group specific to the PDC.

Making domain users members of the "Domain Administrators" group should 
have worked.   When an XP machine joins the domain , the "Domain Users" 
group should be added automatically the the local Administrators group 
on that PC-  and by extension those users will have local admin rights.

If you log into the PC as the domain Administrator, can you write into 
C:\Windows?  Can you even create a local user account?   This would 
verify that the domain Administrator really had local administrator 
rights.  I had one issue after upgrading one of my domain controllers 
where the group mapping wasn't working properly-  so on the Windows 
systems using that DC,  any permissions assigned to Domain Admins or 
Domain Users was didn't work since the users weren't seen in the groups.

On 05/24/2011 02:07 PM, Edwin Quijada wrote:
> Hi!I have Samba 3.2.5 as PDC for 20 users with windws XP now I need that 5 users can write into C:\windows folder from each machine in my LAN. I have a Administrators group with RID 544 and i added these users to this group but it doesnt work, I did the same adding to Domain Admin and didnt .
> There is a something way to give to these users access to can write into this folder
> Thks.
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