[Samba] Mapping drive

Brian brian at wayne-enterprises.net
Thu May 19 07:39:30 MDT 2011

We have a server running linux with a samba shared directory.  We have sever
windows xp machines that map the samba shared directory using the same user
name and password.  All has gone well for a couple of years.  Now, on some
of the machines, it won't allow the mapping of the samba share reporting
"Access denied"  I have made sure that the proper user name and password is
used.  There has been no recent updates on the server or user's
computer...that we know of.  One hint of a problem is that the windows
machines appears to be trying to send the windows machine's group name as
part of the log in which I know it didn't do before.

Any ideas?

Thanks to all that answer

Brian Germann
Wayne Enterprises Inc.
Linden, CA
mailto:Brian at revolution911.com

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