[Samba] Strange problem with my new PDC

Marc Richter samba at marc-richter.info
Thu May 19 07:56:11 MDT 2011

Hi everyone ,

I have setup a new Server, based on Ubuntu Linux. Since the Samba
version from it's repository was too old for my purposes, I downloaded
and installed Samba from source (version 3.5.8). Everything went fine so

We currently run an older version (3.0.26a) of samba as PDC . I copied
the tdbsam databases from the current PDC over to the new one. This
seems to have worked very well, since all users and computeraccounts
were accessible by pdbedit. I could also logon with my old credentials,
too! My password was accepted, my roaming profile was read and written
correctly, etc. All seems very good.

Now to the problem:
I asked two collegues of mine to try their logins with a Windows Server
2008 R2 and an Windows 7 system. They can login, but become immediately
logged off again. They not even see the Desktop for a short time. This
was tested on several Windows 7 and Server 2008 Systems now and it
happens everywhere. I can logon with my user without a problem on any

I cannot find anything relevant in the logs, but that doesn't have to
mean much, since this seems very cryptic to me. I tried and googled for
three days now! Could please anyone assist me with this issue?

I tried to send a gziped Logfile as attachment to the list already, but
it was blocked, because the resulting mail was too big. I cannot put the
logs to pastebin, since this ist too big, too. So I copied the logs to
my webspace:

The log with the successful login attempt:

The log with the unsuccessful login attempt:

The PDC is named "thalos". The Windows 2008 R2 machine from which the
two logins are done is named "gollum". The Domain is named MFC2. The
user who succeedes is named "mr" and the one which is failing is named "ab".

I could really need help here ...

Best regards,

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